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PRESIDENT - CV Lindley The presidents responsibility: Recruit new members.  Chair the membership meetings according to Roberts rules of order.  Find a facility for the reunions.  Plan and organize activities for members during reunions.  Plan the banquet meal.  Co-ordinate membership lists with the other board members.  Assigned jobs for other board members to help with reunion planning.
VICE PRESIDENT - Barry Rittle The vice presidents responsibility: Recruit new members.  Co-ordinate membership lists with the other board members.  Works closely with the president on finding a facility for the reunions and planing and organizing activities for members during reunions.   Help the president plan the banquet meal.  
SECRETARY/TREASURE Bill Hollywood  Recruit new members. The secretary/treasurer responsibility: Collect all membership dues.  Notify members if dues are not past due.  Maintain Kearsarge Association checking account and reconcile same. Pay all bills.  Maintain membership list with names, addresses, emails, phone numbers. rank/rate, divisions, and years on board.  Co-ordinate membership lists with the other board members.
SHIP STORE Charles Patton The ships store responsibility: Maintain inventory and ship orders to members.  Recruit new members. Co-ordinate membership lists with the other board members.
Board members proudly serve the membership for a two year term.  During the reunion business meeting, nominations are made for new board members and then voted on by the attending membership.  Board members are not paid for their service.  They are only reimbursed for expenses they incur.  

There is a tremendous amount of details involved in the planning and coordination of your reunion event. These people take care of them so that you may have a seamless and fun reunion. They find the restaurants, plan meals, find busses, find hotels, events, tours, make name tags, collect money, buy tickets, pay bills, create forms and etc. They do all these things so that you do not have to, and so that we are all on the same page when we arrive.