GOLF SHIRT - Blue   Med, Large, X Large, 2X large $29.00
SWEAT SHIRT - Blue  Med, Large, X Large, 2X large $36.00
HAT - CV,CVA,CVS 33 Navy $16.00
WATCH CAP - Navy - CV, CVA, CVS 33, $11.00
SHIPS CREST - Cloth CV, CVA, CVS 33 - $5.00
DAWN of GLORY PRINT - Water color print of LHD-3 - $20.00
    The Port Authority jacket has a Teklon nylon durable water repellant outside with a poly-filled body with heavyweight fleece lining.  it has rib nit cuffs and waistband, zippered pockets outside and one sippered pocket inside.  It comes in Navy with a Navy lining with USS Kearsarge, CV, CVA, CVS 33 and the ship silhouette on the back.
Sizes - Medium, large, X large $78.00       2X Large $83.00      3X Large  $85.00
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SHIPS CREST - Magnetic CV, CVA, CVS 33 - $2.50
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    Light weight nylon jacket with flannel lining  is also available in Navy with the same stitching on the back.
Sizes - Medium, large, X large $60.00     2X Large $65.00     3X Large $68.00
A sailors life experience
on the USS Kearsarge.
by D.E. Maddy
DRESS SHIRT button front - Navy  Med. Large, X Large, 2X large $29.00
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Eighteen names were etched into the Ballard High School Vietnam Memorial Plaque. Ballard graduate and Vietnam veteran Jerry Edward Smith was amazed to learn that so many men from Ballard High were killed in Vietnam. During research it was discovered that even after 48 years later there was one more name to be added. These are their stories.  On November 9th, 1966 from the USS Kearsarge CVS-33 in an S2-E Stoof along with McAteer, Carter, and Schoderer, and never returned.
Made in the USA